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Martin Schneider, CEO

Our Speciality

Asked for again and again:

  • Advice tailored to your needs instead of a whole project.
  • Bank relations: Does this describe your situation?

We have the solution.

We build host to host from your ERP or TMS to your preferred Banks.

The Result, all the AP and AR worldwide is visible at the Headquarter.

Project Management and Process Optimization for Corporate Finance, Banks and IT

Tomato was founded in 1992.

By enhancing the effectiveness of processes, you gain flexibility and a higher level of liquidity.

Our services include optimizing cash management, payment transactions, liquidity planning and managing financial risks.

We at Tomato AG support you with our expertise in cash flow management, risk management, corporate treasury and process optimization.

We coach your team and guide you strategically as project managers or interim managers.

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Advice? Tailored to your needs? Sure! We'll do it.
Martin Schneider will be happy to discuss your plans and concerns.